Wireless Audience Response System

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Poll example

Voting system

The Turning Point® wireless polling system consists of a USB receiver and of Turning Point® ResponseCard keypads.

You only need 3 items for using the voting system:

  • Notebook with the Turning Point® software installed
  • Turning Point® USB receiver which is connected into USB boundary of the computer
  • Turning Point® ResponseCard keypads for choosing the answer

Technical specification

Radio receiver

Radio receiver

  • USB plug&play device
  • 60 m range
  • 1 receiver for 1.000 keypads
  • LED light signalizing the device status and the signal receiving from keypads
  • Dimensions 28 x 93 x 10mm, weight 29 g


  • 12 Keys
  • 60 m range
  • LCD Display indicating the response, battery life, RF channel setting
  • Dimensions 84 x 53 x 8mm, weight 28g