Wireless Audience Response System

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What do we offer?

We specialize in rental and service of the wireless Audience Response System Turning Point® from the American company Turning Technologies® within the whole of Europe.

The Turning Point® polling device belongs to the most popular and the most modern wireless voting systems in the world.

The wireless polling device can be used at a training session for 10 persons as well as at a congress for 10 000 people. (More information on the How does it work? page)

We offer the whole Turning Point® voting system for rent which contains:

  • Notebook with the installed Turning Point® software
  • USB receiver
  • Turning Point® ResponseCard keypads according to your requirements.

If you already have your own voting system you can just rent the Turning Point® ResponseCard keypads and/or the USB receiver.

We help with the preparation of data for voting, with the programming and service of the polling device. Our experienced technician is at your disposal all along the event.

For whom?

No matter how big your event is, how many participants you host and how many questions you have, we have always a solution for everyone at unbeatable prices on the Czech market.

Where can you find us?

We are located in Prague and we offer our services throughout the Czech Republic and in the whole of Europe.

Our qualified English speaking staff cares that your event proceeds according to your plans.

Other services

We also offer for rent the complete Audio-Visual and office technology for your event – projectors, projection screens, audio systems, microphones, lighting, interpreting and much more. See konferencnitechnika.cz