Wireless Audience Response system

Voting station
Poll illustration

Why to use the polling system?

Using the wireless Audience Response System (ARS) provides you a fast, easy and reliable feedback on your presentation. The wireless polling device makes conferences, congresses, workshops, trainings sessions, meetings, or social events more interesting and funnier.


The voting device Turning Point® which we use, belongs to the most popular and the most modern wireless Audience Response Systems in the world. It has its place mainly at universities, medical congresses and at the events where the lecturer wants to test the participants´ knowledge, to find out their opinions or raise their attention and engage their interest fast and effectively.

Isn´t it difficult?

Using of the wireless polling system is very simple. Its great advantage is based on its clear arrangement and full integration into Microsoft® PowerPoint®. You can show the voting results to the audience immediately after the voting.

The wireless voting device Turning Point® helps to make your event more interesting and we will be glad if we can contribute to it.

We gladly demonstrate, explain and try to find the best application for your event.

Do you have any questions?

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